Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Beauty Reviews and Such

Hello again!
Today..or tonight rather (lol) I'm going to do a few reviews on some beauty tips I have been trying out lately. not really products, just beauty tips I have picked up here and there. :3

Beauty Tip #1: Applying Vaseline or any petroleum jelly to your hands prior to sleeping. This actually does work wonders for your hands and cuticles. You put a thick(not too thick tho) layer of the jelly over your hands before bed and cover your hands with cotton gloves(or rubber gloves work too I guess..I used latex lol) and in the morning you remove the gloves and wash your hands. They are way softer than they were the night before! It actually works. I have super dry hands and cuticles in the winter, so this saved my fingers at work a LOT. =)

Beauty Tip #2: Using Vaseline/Petroleum jelly to remove makeup.
This works too. Tho i also like using EVOO(extra virgin olive oil) to remove my makeup as well. Tho the EVOO can get kinda expensive depending on how much I use..(I use it for other things) Doesn't really irritate your eyes either, but i'd recommend not using too much and NOT getting it in your eye neither. Better safe than sorry.

Beauty Tip #3: Castor oil to help hair grow.
Now, this works pretty good for growing my eyebrows. I have pretty long lashes right now so I don't know if it works on them as well. I'm told it does. but I don't need to use it on my lashes so... lol Anyway. I use a mascara brush to apply the oil(again, not too much) to my eyebrows where I want the hair to grow and to thicken up. I tried this because I wanted to try the thicker eyebrow look as opposed to my old thinned out eyebrows. I really like it allot better now. =) Though it still takes awhile to grow them. Took me like 3 weeks to a month to start seeing good results..but then again I didn't do it every night xD;

Beauty tip #4: Exfoliating your lips with Vaseline and a toothbrush.
This works wonders to make your lips smoother, softer, and more kissable! Oh my god does it work. lol I like to use my electric toothbrush..but I don't have any soft heads for it right now. I guess I could buy a new cheap one but...meh lol A regular soft bristled toothbrush will work too. Just brush very softly with very little pressure. And not too much vaseline. Just enough that you know it's there. Most of it will just rubbed off by the toothbrush. And what doesn't you'll be rinsing off after wards. After you think you are don't smoothing out your lips just rinse with warm water and wipe off your lips. Then just apply your favorite lip balm. see how soft your lips are ^_^

Beauty Tip #5: Olive oil Aftershave.
I don't know if it works on the face, cuz I don't shave my face LOL But I do shave my arms. And after just one use of this the other night after I had shaved my much needed shaven legs..they were really soft! I just applied enough to both my legs after shaving from the shower then applied some body butter(any lotion will do I think tho) and my legs stayed soft and newly shaved after that. They still look newly shaved! No bumps or anything. A total must try for any lady looking to have soft legs well after shaving.

Well that's all for now. It's late and i can't think of much else to write lol
So until next time ♥

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

February: The Raciest Month

February is Black History month. So, it promotes racism in blacks. One of the reasons we haven't been able to get past the whole race issue in America.

Now, I know you all are saying that I'm raciest for saying that. And that's what I mean.
We shouldn't have holidays, events, or whole months to make us feel better about who we are or what our race is. It just promotes hate in my opinion.

Why can't we just put it behind us? Yeah I understand your ancestors were slaves. My ancestors owned them. That has nothing to do with you or me and anyone from the here and now. Absolutely nothing! If I didn't do it to you and you didn't do it to me then I really don't understand WHY we have the race issue.

Blacks aren't slaves anymore. There is no reason to bring up the past and hate because of it.
Put it behind you. You have to learn from the past. Not live in it. Move forward. Can't be going backwards.