Tuesday, May 17, 2011

i-Skin Pore Perfecting System -- Review

Hey all. I know it's been awhile since I posted something. But I was without inet for awhile. Sorry! But I'm back and with a new review on an item I recently bought at Sally's Beauty ^_^

This item is: i-Skin Pore Perfecting System.
I bought it because I was looking for something similar to the Clairsonic. That item is way over priced lol But I saw a review on the i-Skin and thought, why not? So I bought it and it was on sale so yeah lol

Anyway, it works like a dream! After the first use I saw a noticeable difference in my pores and my blemishes started to fade like the next day. I was like "WOW" lol So this gets my approval because lately I been having some major skin issues with blemishes and stuff. Probably because I've been a lil stressed lately >.< But this item works and I give it 5 stars. so go check it out! :D

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