Tuesday, February 8, 2011

February: The Raciest Month

February is Black History month. So, it promotes racism in blacks. One of the reasons we haven't been able to get past the whole race issue in America.

Now, I know you all are saying that I'm raciest for saying that. And that's what I mean.
We shouldn't have holidays, events, or whole months to make us feel better about who we are or what our race is. It just promotes hate in my opinion.

Why can't we just put it behind us? Yeah I understand your ancestors were slaves. My ancestors owned them. That has nothing to do with you or me and anyone from the here and now. Absolutely nothing! If I didn't do it to you and you didn't do it to me then I really don't understand WHY we have the race issue.

Blacks aren't slaves anymore. There is no reason to bring up the past and hate because of it.
Put it behind you. You have to learn from the past. Not live in it. Move forward. Can't be going backwards.

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